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How do we Level Up Psychology?

We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed every step of the way.

When you visit Level Up, you'll usually find Melody wearing casual, comfortable clothes that you might wear at home. No fancy suits or shoes here. Her office is more like a cafe than the typical stuffy psychologist's office you might be used to.

We're breaking the mold of traditional counselling services!

We're providing personalized strategies and whole support within your time and budget.  

Services available in the comfort of your own home or office visits,

evenings and weekends.

Strategies are developed for your family and your child's needs that encompass home, work and school.

Step-by-step plans for supporting your kiddo & having a smoother experience for the whole family.


On-going mini sessions available for clarity, course correction or for life's little hiccups.

Benefit from our personal & professional experience working with children with specialized psychological challenges. 

LEVEL UP PSYCHOLOGY: No more cookie cutter therapy!


One of the driving forces behind Mel's experience and education on childhood obsessive compulsive disorder is her daughter Shaelyn.


Shae suffers from OCD  so her life is full of medication and strategies to help her with everyday life.

Mel & Shae have become strong advocates for those suffering from OCD & anxiety, you can even hire Shae as a speaker! 

Suspect your child may be suffering from this disorder or already have a diagnosis? They can benefit from knowing they aren't alone and by reading about another child's story.

You can read more about Shae's daily experiences dealing with OCD by visiting her blog.

Shae & Mel
Shae & Mel
Shae & Mel
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